Cleaned my keyboard again

… six years later, I did it again – not as careful as last time six years ago but it feels wonderful to write on a well cleaned keyboard anyway. Cleaning and contact spray converted my writing from “thiiiiiiiiiiis” to “this” – haha, recently often the letter “a” did not work and “i” was doubling – now everything works fine.

Cleaned my keyboard

This week I had the strong desire to clean my keyboard because it was really dirty and disgusting. The cleaning results are okay but the plastic is still bleached out because this keyboard is at least ten years old. The keyboard is even not listed at the discontinued section at the producers website¬†but it still works fine. It even has one of these half inch wide DIN connectors. Currently I use a adapter to connect it to my computer to the PS2 port. My brother connected his keyboard to his smartphone with the following adapters: DIN to PS2, PS2 to USB and USB […]