We made two pieces of sous vide roastbeef and fried it in a very hot pan for approximately twenty seconds on each side. We tried this cole slaw recipe: MealRoastbeef cooked at 59°C for 7 h in Sous-Vide Garer SV 2447 was medium and had a good consistency (taste was not so good – maybe not the best meat).

Roast pork au gratin

We made a roast pork in our sous vide machine while we have been at work. When it was done we cut it into slices and made a pork gratin with paprika, onion and cheese. Afterwards we baked it in the oven until the cheese melted. Mealroast pork cooked at 64°C for 21 h in Sous-Vide Garer SV 2447 was dry and not to juicy.

Rib eye Steak

I bought this steak from a discounter and recognized that I don’t like the marinade at all so I put it in the freezer for the dogs of my parents – hope they like it. I forgot the steak in our sous vide machine and took it out after approximately twentyfour hours at forty degrees. So it cooled down fifteen degrees within seven hours. MealRib eye steak cooked at 55°C for 17 h in Sous-Vide Garer SV 2447 was tender but don’t like the marinade and forgot it in the sous vide machine (when I took it out of the water after 24 […]

Sous Vide Initial Documentation

Until now we documented our Sous Vide cooking on a sheet of paper but now we would like to use this blog to write about our Sous Vide experiences. In this blog entry are all our Sous Vide cooked meals listed below up to now. We use Custom Field Suite  for the structured documentation of our Sous Vide meals. MealsRump steak cooked at 64°C for 4:30 h in Sous-Vide Garer SV 2447 was dry. Rump steak cooked at 59°C for 4:50 h in Sous-Vide Garer SV 2447 was medium. roast pork and crackling (Krustenbraten) cooked at ??°C for 11:50 h in Sous-Vide Garer […]