Dodge Ram MegaCab brake caliper replacement

Problem The front right caliper of our truck clamped every time I applied the brake so the front right brake was braking all the time. I recognized it because the truck does not start to roll on after releasing the brake even when standing downhill and while driving she pulled sideways to the right. When I stopped I could already smell where the problem was located. I waited until the brake was cooled down and drove home really slow and used only the transmission and the parking brake to slow down. Result I replaced the caliper of the right brake which solved the problem. […]

Dodge Ram hood lock 

The spring that pulls the opener of the hood lock back was broken on our truck. If this spring is broken the hood opener under the steering wheel will not return back to its normal position if you pull it to open the hood. If this happens the locking mechanism of the hood lock is blocked and it is not possible to close the hood. If this happens you have to push the latch, where the spring is connected , back. This can be done without removing the hood lock with a key or screwdriver. Because I don’t had a replacement spring I […]

Grease fitting without space for the grease gun coupler

Last year I changed the ball joints of our truck and didn’t pay attention about the installation direction of the ball joints when pressing them into the axle. Therefore one of the grease fittings from the lower ball joints is to close to the axle to grease it with a standard grease gun coupler. My first attempt was to file the coupler down on one side to fit it on the grease fitting but this did not work. I bought this adapter for hardly to reach grease fittings. This adapter has a sleeve (compare first and second image) which could be moved front […]