Create a gps track, follow it with your phone and track your way

Last weekend we made a small bike tour with our eBikes. To prepare the planned route I created it online an loaded it to my smartphone. I don’t use my smartphone to navigate but I like it to use it like a map with the route painted on it. In this post I describe my solution to create a track and follow it with my phone. I recommend to read the documentation especially of GPSies and OruxMaps maybe you can find a better way than I. But currently I like the way it worked, especially the part with the QR code on GPSies which […]

Raised flower bed - 2017-02-07

How to deal with empty or missing fields in messages

In the following post I want to discuss how to deal with empty or missing fields in messages from the perspective of the receiver. I will try to explain the problem with the following scenario. Scenario There is a ‘sending system’ which sends data in messages to a ‘receiving system’. In my example the sending system sends demographic data of persons to the receiving system. The sending system may be a patient registration system in a hospital and the receiving system a statistics tool. How the messages are sent is not relevant in this scenario but we can assume that the messages are […]

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CSV alternatives (JSON, XML, BSON) – Raised flower bed

Comma-separated values (CSV) I am working at the IT-Department of Universitätsklinikum Erlangen (University Hospital Erlangen) and this week I created a CSV file for a other project. The aim of this project is to migrate clinical findings into a new system. The clinical findings in the old system don’t have identifiers like a patient-id or a case number but some demographic data (name, surname, birthdate, zip code, …). The project manager and his developer who are responsible for the migration contacted me and asked for demographic data of our patients to implement a heuristic to assign the clinical findings to the correct patients. […]

Raised flower bed – 2017-01-22

Raised flower bed – 2017-01-22

Blog changes I changed the theme of this blog this week from Twenty Fifteen Theme by to the free Customizr Theme. When I started to search a new theme on the site it was overwhelming how much cool templates you can find there. My first thought was to look for a template which fits good to my ideas and adapt it a little bit.  But I realized soon that a new template is more than the installation and the assignment of some widgets. After I tried some templates I searched for a template which is highly customizable. My google searches directed my […]